We are dealing fish meal import and export.      Import  by south america ,north america and east  south asia.  

            Export  east south asia.        Saling in korean market  feed mill plant  fish feed plant  fish form and animal form.      

            We are purchase any maker in the world what good price good quality good confidence.     We are fish meal

            relay dealer in world market.  Have .many offer and client.  Anytime have storage many kind fish meal in ware

            house pusan korea.

            Welcome connect to me fish meal Buyer and Saler


            Steam dry syetem

                Transport and bagging system

   Fish meal ware house in pusan korea


          KIND OF FISH MEAL AND USE PLACE                                                SALE PRICE

                1.White fish meal  : Use fish feed plant  fish farm  fishing bait...etc.

                                              Component : Protein 65%   Fat 8.5%  Ash 18%  FFA 7.5  TVN 100  Histamine 500 ppm

                                              Kind of fish : Pollack.Codfish.


                2.Brown fish meal : Use fish feed plant  fish farm  annexing animal feed  etc.

                                               Kind of fish :Mackerel,Tuna, Sardine,Anchovy


                              1) Super prime :  Protein 68%  Fat 10% Ash 15% FFA 7.5 TVN 100 Histamine 500

                                                         Use place  : Fish feed plant  fish farm  Wanted high quality


                              2) Prime           :   Protein 67%  Fat 10% Ash 15% FFA 7.5 TVN 120 Histamine 1500

                                                          Use place  : Fish feed plant  fish farm annexing anlmal feed


                              3) Standard      :   Protein 65%  Fat 18% Ash 15%  etc specification are free.

                                                          Use place  : Fish feed plant  fish farm annexing anlmal feed



         SHRIMP MEAL

             1.Krill meal        :  Made from South Atlantic Krill meal has a superb palatability power and a high protein

                                   content with a profile of essential amino acids that guarantees high attractancy

                                   capability. Krill meal is also rich in natural pigments that enhance flesh coloring of

                                   several  aquaculture species.

                                            Astaxanthine 100-200PPM    Protein 50%


                2. Shrimp meal  :  Dried shrimp shell  have many chitosan  The made in factory dried and grinding.

                                            Using shrimp feed   fishing bait  etc chitosan product.

                                            Protein 35-45%



                                             Krill                                                       Anchovy                                       Pelleting



                               Biotite is rock forming mineral. The color is brown  We mining mountain rock and grinding 200meah in

                               Factory. Bagging weight 25kg/bag  good quality.

                               General formula  : K2 (Mg,Fe)3 AlSi3  O10 (OH,O,F2)2


                YELLOW SOIL

                         Yellow soil dig from the ground  1.5m deep .  Dried and grinding  several time

                               The product is fine grinding 200mesh yellow soil powder.

                               Bagging weight 25kg/bag high quality.



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